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NanoArtography Exhibition at Drexel's Rincliffe Gallery

 December 14, 2018 – March 15, 2019

Co-curated by Babak Anasori and Lynn Clouser (Director of the Drexel Collection), the exhibit features materials images captured at the nanoscale and promotes materials science and nanomaterials. This is the first time that these "nano arts" are being displayed in an art gallery. The opening reception was on Friday, December 14th, 2018. The gallery is located on the third floor of Drexel Main Building (3141 Chestnut Street) at the Rincliffe Gallery and is open to the public. Read more about this event [here]


Composing Effective Research Articles Seminar

Babak Anasori gave a seminar on how to compose effective research articles by explaining how to structure different sections of a paper, and prepare scientific illustrations. This event was organized by the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association in collaboration with Drexel MRS and DGWISE. 

Write a paper_Anasori.jpg

SciVid 2018 Awards Ceremony 

Science in Video (SciVid) 2018 competition was held at the MRS Fall 2018 Meeting. The winners were announced at SciVid Awards Ceremony at the Hub Stage on Wednesday,  November 28, 2018. 

Watch the Awards Ceremony on


SciVid 2018 winners: Stephanie Castillo (1st place), Simge Uzun and Bilen Akuzum (2nd place), Vladislav Khayrudinov (3rd place), Antoni Forner Cuenca (accepting for Rodrigo M. Ortiz de la Morena, People’s Choice); Missing: Duanduan Han (Honorable Mention). Accompanied by Stephen Aldersley (President, GoodFellow, SciVid Co-sponsor), and  Babak Anasori, SciVid creator and chair. 

Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Symposium (NM04) 

MRS Fall Meeting 2018


Babak Anasori and his co-organizers team organize a symposium Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing for Sustainability NM04 at the MRS Fall Meeting 2018. The symposium was the sixth largest symposium among the 56 symposia of the MRS F18 in terms of number of submitted abstracts. 


NM04 symposium organizers also created new ways of presentations and promoting poster and oral talks:

24-7-second Presentation: each presenter had the opportunity to make a short video about their research: a 7-second talk giving the first impression, followed by a 24-seconds presentation as a short pitch of the research. 24-7-seconds videos were played on an LCD screen outside the symposium room and were awarded $400 each. 

Rapid-Fire Presentation: Each poster presenter had the opportunity to give a 1-minute oral presentation during the day sessions to promote their posters. Each Rapid-Fire presenter was awarded $200. 

Best Poster Awards: Every night the top two posters were recognized as the best symposium posters and were awarded $200 and a certificate. 

Many thanks to NM04 sponsors. 

MXenes Antennas 

The first report on MXenes for wireless communication


IEEE Spectrum: Researchers Create “Spray-On” 2D Antennas [link]

Science Daily: Spray-on antennas could unlock potential of smart, connected technology [link]

Cosmos: A wearable antenna may just be a spray away [link]

The Conversation: Spray-on antennas unlock communication of the future [link]

Physics World: Spray-on antennas for the Internet of Things [link]

ACerS: Spray-on antenna is game-changer for future of Internet of Things [link]


Expansion of MXene, a Drexel-discovered 2D 

Read the story about MXene development in Exel 2018, Drexel University research magazine. [link]


NanoArtography is featured in Exel 2018

NanoArtography image competition, created and chaired by Babak Anasori, is featured in the latest issue of Exel Magazine, Drexel Research magazine. Read more here: [link]

Babak Anasori_Nano.jpg

How to Write a Paper Seminar

Babak Anasori gave a seminar on how to write a paper, covering different steps of planning, writing, polishing, submission, and revisions. In his seminar, Babak talked about concept planning, how to structure different sections of an article, write a paragraph, make illustrations, etc. This event was organized by Drexel MRS University Chapter on July 18, 2018. 

Babak_Anasori_How to.jpg

2017 Highly Cited Researchers

Babak Anasori has been recognized as one of the 24 highly cited authors at Drexel University in 2017. In this year, Drexel librarians identified authors whose journal papers were both published in 2017 and were already highly cited in the same calendar year. The Celebrating Drexel Authors event was held at the  A.J. Drexel Picture Gallery on February 26, 2018. [link]


NanoArtography in Drexel Magazine, Winter-Spring 2018

NanoArtography (created and chaired by Babak Anasori) is featured on the inside cover of the Drexel Magazine, presenting one of the 3rd place winners of the 2017 competition, the number of image submissions, social media followers, prizes.  [link]

SciVid 2017 Awards Ceremony 

The first year of Science in Video (SciVid) competition was held at the MRS Fall 2017 Meeting. The winners were announced at SciVid Awards Ceremony at the Hub Stage on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. 

Watch the Awards Ceremony on



SciVid 2017 winners: 1st Place: Fabien Debort (presented by Monica Morales), 2nd Place: Chandana Kolluru, 3rd Place: Antoni Forner Cuenca, Honorable Mention: Amin Vahid Mohammadi. Accompanied by Stephen Aldersley (President, Goodfellow), and Yury Gogotsi (A. J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute), co-sponsors, with Babak Anasori, SciVid creator and chair. 


MRS Bulletin, October 2017

Read the MRS Bulletin article about Babak's interest in bringing more visibility to materials science by using artistic microscopy images  [link]


2D materials go beyond graphene

Read the cover story in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) about different 2D materials beyond graphene [link]

2016 & before

Semi-conductivity between the sheets

Read about controlling the electronic properties of MXenes on Chemistry World of RSC [link]

Atomic sandwiches

Read Babak's interview with Exel about the discovery of new 2D materials MXenes [link]


Top research of 2015

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)featured "ordered MXenes" as one of the 2015 

"biggest moments in chemistry[link]

International innovation interview

Read Babak's interview in International Innovation about MXenes:

"Move over graphene, there are new materials on the block" [link]


ACS Nanotation video [link]

IEEE: New Method for Layering 2-D Materials [link]

Energy Harvesting Journal: Expanding possibilities for making materials that can store energy [link]

Materials Today News: Metal Sandwich solution [link]


National Geographic: Best science pictures of 2011 [link]

BBC: Science meets art [link]

MSNBC: Microscopic cliff [link]

Washington Post: Scientific wonders get Ann artistic spin [link]

Wired: Nanoscopic cliff [link]

Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb 13, 2012: Microscopic mountains [link]

Inside Science TV

Watch the video story about Babak's MXene cliff on Inside Science TV of APS

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