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Review and perspective on ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs)

December 2023

It is our pleasure to announce that our Nature Reviews Materials review on ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) has been published!

We, in collaboration with Greg Hilmas of the Missouri University of Science & Technology and Elizabeth Opila of the University of Virginia, are excited to bring our review on the fundamental chemistry-synthesis-processing relations of UHTCs to their behavior in extreme environments. In addition, we review and comment on growing areas of research within this field (additive manufacturing, high-entropy, 2D MXenes) to meet the next-generation needs for UHTCs in extreme environments. We hope that renewed focus on these exciting ceramics will be key to enable these materials to meet the extreme environment performance needs in the future!

Congratulations go to Brian C. Wyatt, Kartik Nemani and Prof.  Anasori!

December 2023

Congratulations to Karn Sharma, Joseph West, Nicholas Hartich Allocious Mwaura, Othman Alotaibi and their mentors, Austin Vorhees and Ken as well as our entire lab for their feedback and support this semester.


These undergraduate students designed the 3D printed parts, manufactured and delivered this MXene fiber extruder in ~ three months as their capstone project

Thanks to NSF CMMI FM #2134607 “FMRG: Cyber: A Cyber Nanomanufacturing Platform for Large-scale Production of High-quality MXenes and Other Two-dimensional Nanomaterials” for funding the research.

Congratulations to all!!

November 2023
Fiber not.png
November 2023
MXene swan
November 2023

Our team participated in the MRS Fall 2023 in Boston and presented research from our group on high-temperature phase transformation, electrocatalysis applications, defect engineering, and weak localizations of MXenes.

Congratulations to our team for their excellent presentations!

Anasori lab wins MS&T23.jpeg
October 2023

Our team won five awards at the 2023 ACerS Cerampgraphic Competition, which was held at the MS&T 2023,Coulumbus, Ohio. Congratulations to our excellent team members. Some of the entries are the result of our ongoing collaboration with Prof. Lia Stanciu and Prof. Joselito Razal.

SEM Category:
1st: “SiC Pumpkin” by Kartik Nemani, Babak Anasori
2nd: “MXene Nanosaurus” by Dr. Anupma ThakurNithin Chandran B SKen Aldren Usman, Babak Anasori

TEM Category: 
2nd: “MXene Anatase Eagle” by Nithin Chandran B SDr. Anupma ThakurKrutarth Kamath, Lia Stanciu, Babak Anasori
3rd: “MXene Morpho Butterfly” by Dr. Anupma ThakurNithin Chandran B SKrutarth Kamath, Lia Stanciu, Babak Anasori

Optical Microscopy Category: 
3rd: “MXene Marvel on Mars” by Ken Aldren UsmanNithin Chandran B SDr. Anupma Thakur, Joselito Razal, Babak Anasori

October 2023

Congratulations to our excellent team members (Kartik NemaniNithin Chandran B S, Brian Wyatt Bethany Wright Jacob Patenaude, and Prof. Anasori) presenting their research at the MS&T 2023 in Columbus, Ohio.


Our team covered a variety of topics, including career development and our latest on MXenes from the lab, MXene novel compositions, variables in high-quality MXene synthesishigh temperature phase behavior, electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction of MXenes, high throughput synthesis, and MXenes in additive manufacturing and ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs).

Congratulations to our team members for their great presentations at MS&T 2023!

July 2023

Congratulations to seven of our excellent and motivated undergraduate students presenting their summer research posters at IUPUI Summer Symposium 2023: Bethany Wright, Kylie Overton, Ornoba Chowdhury, Jacob Patenaude, Cole Potter, Nathan DeNicola, Gabriel Flath-Everhard. Many thanks to their fantastic dedicated and talented mentors, Dr. Anupma Thakur, Brian Wyatt, Annabelle Bedford, Nithin Chandran B S, Dr. Valeriia Poliukhova, Felix Idu, Katarina Novcic.

We are thankful to our research group sponsors, NSF, DOD, DOE, and Millipore Sigma and to IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program UROP of CRL IUPUI, IUPUI NSF REU and School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI's Navy Engineering Innovation & Leadership (NEIL) program for supporting these undergraduate students.


STEAM 2023

Our team is passionate about STEAM outreach as much as they are excited about their nanomaterials research. We recently had an incredible opportunity to host > 50 brilliant students from the Girls STEM Institute for a day filled with the demonstrations, and interactive nanotechnology workshop. We had a successful day with girl scholars in grades 3-5 and 6-8. The girl scholars also got to see the NanoArtography Gallery and select their top choices! 

Congratulations to our team!

July 2023
June 2023

In a well-deserved recognition of his exceptional qualities as a supervisor, Professor Anasori, has been awarded the prestigious Supervisor of the Year Award during National Student Employment Week.


Professor Anasori's dedication to professionalism, leadership, and mentoring has made a profound impact on his student employees, earning him this esteemed accolade. Nominated by two of his student employees, Dr. Anasori stood out for his welcoming attitude, openness, and innovative approaches. The nominations highlighted his ability to lead by example and his genuine care for the well-being and goals of those around him.

Many congratulations to Dr. Babak Anasori on this remarkable achievement and for setting a remarkable example of excellence in supervision and mentorship.


In a momentous event honoring the achievements of the 2023 doctoral students, Drexel University hosted a celebration featuring a distinguished alumni speakers. Our very own  Professor Anasori delivered an inspiring talk, sharing insights and wisdom gained from his successful journey since graduating from the institution.

The event provided an exceptional opportunity for the graduating doctoral students to gather inspiration and guidance from distinguished alumni who has excelled in their field. The distinguished speaker's talk encapsulated their remarkable accomplishments and served as a testament to the transformative power of education and perseverance. 

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Professor Anasori for delivering an exceptional and inspiring talk!

Distinguished alumni speaker Professor.png
June 2023
TOC Small methods.png
June 2023

Our team optimized Ti3C2Tx MXene synthesis (delamination in 1 hour) to achieve high-quality 2D flakes and looked into the effect of different synthesis variables on the final MXene quality, published as open access in Small Methods.

This work is the result of > 6,500 hours of MXene synthesis, done by many researchers, including Dr. Anupma ThakurNithin Chandran B SKaris DavidsonAnnabelle HardingYooran ImVaishnavi Kanduri, Dr. Valeriia PoliukhovaKartik NemaniBrian Wyatt and with the help of our fantastic collaborators, Hui Fang and Zahra Fakhraai at University of Pennsylvania and Ravi Kumar N V at IIT Madras.

Thanks to NSF CMMI FM (2134607), MilliporeSigma, and many student fellowships, Purdue-SERB-OVDF India-Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (Nithin Chandran), DoD NDSEG (Brian Wyatt), NSF REU (Vaishnavi Kanduri) and many thanks to the entire NSF CMMI FM (2134607) project for their valuable feedback during our technical meetings “FMRG: Cyber: A Cyber Nanomanufacturing Platform for Large-scale Production of High-quality MXenes and Other Two-dimensional Nanomaterials”

Direct link to the published article can be found here 

Congratulations to all!!

DNOVA visit .png
June 2023

Our team recently welcomed high-school students from DNOVA Institute for an engaging STEAM outreach event. With demonstrations on nano and nanomaterials, organized by a dedicated science outreach team (Dr. Anupma Thakur, Annabelle Harding, Nithin Chandran B S, Austin Vorhees, Bethany Wright, and Brian Wyatt), the high school students gained valuable insights.


 A memorable day of inspiration and education!

Congratulations to all!!

Congratulations to Austin VorheesJessica EnglertAndrea S.Garrett Rose and Bryan Rosario and their mentor, Brian Wyatt as well as our entire lab for their feedback and support this semester.


These undergraduate students designed the 3D printed parts, manufactured and delivered this automated ink sprayer for MXenes (or any nanoinks) in ~ three months as their capstone project

Thanks to NSF CMMI FM #2134607 “FMRG: Cyber: A Cyber Nanomanufacturing Platform for Large-scale Production of High-quality MXenes and Other Two-dimensional Nanomaterials” for funding the research.

Congratulations to all!!

May 2023

Congratulations to Natalia Garcia Godinez, Bethany Wright, Loralee Potter, Jacob Patenaude, and John Waggle for presenting their outstanding research work at the IUPUI Spring 2023 Research and Creativity Day.


Excellent job to their awesome mentors, Dr. Anupma Thakur, Brian Wyatt, Nithin Chandran B S, and the rest of the lab members.


Many thanks to IUPUI UROP (CRL IUPUI), IUPUI NEIL, NSF DMR, DoD ONR, NEXTCCUS, and MilliporeSigma for supporting these studies.

Congratulations to all!!

April 2023
IUPUI 2023 Spring.jpg

The Nano Science Engineering Association at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis recently hosted a series of workshops on research design and academic research writing. Led by Dr. Anupma Thakur, the workshops provided insights on the key elements of research design, academic research paper writing, developing and analyzing figures and tables, as well as research and publishing ethics.

Dr. Thakur, shared her expertise and experiences with the participants, helping them to gain a better understanding of the research design and academic research writing. The workshops also included interactive sessions and group activities, enabling participants to learn from each other and exchange ideas. The workshops were attended by a diverse group of students and researchers from various departments at the university. Overall, the workshops were a resounding success, providing participants with valuable insights into the world of academic research writing and design.

Congratulations to our NSEA team!!

April 2023
NSEA workshop.jpg
ACS Spring 2023.jpg
March 2023

Anasori lab (Prof. Babak Anasori and Anupma Thakur) along with Prof. Chong Min Koo, Dr. Mônica Jung de Andrade, and Prof. Jodie Lutkenhaus, organized the MXene-Polymer Hybrid Materials Symposium at the ACS Spring Meeting 2023 held at Indianapolis. The MXene-Polymer Hybrid Materials Symposium concluded with great success after two thrilling days of discussions and presentations. Esteemed invited speakers and young researchers gathered to discuss the latest advancements in the field. The event featured exceptional invited talks, informative technical presentations, and engaging discussions on the emerging applications of MXenes in polymer science. The symposium organizers expressed their gratitude towards all the speakers, attendees, and the ACS Division of Polymer Material Science and Engineering team in making the event a resounding success.

Congratulations to our team!!

February 2023

Anasori lab group (Brian WyattAustin Vorhees, and Jacob Patenaude) attended and presented at the ASM Indianapolis Chapter, Spring Conference, held in Rolls-Royce. Three excellent poster presentations on how 2D MXenes can be used in different areas for materials processing and manufacturing were presented by our team.

Prof. Anasori delivered an invited talk on scalable materials processing and manufacturing of 2D MXenes.

Congratulations to our team!!

ASM 2023
January 2023

Kartik Nemani attended and presented at the ICACC-2023  in Florida.

Two talks and a poster about the recent research progress in our lab was presented. Kartik delivered talk about the new MXene-ZrB2-based UHTCs and the recent expansion of the double-transition-metal and multiple-transition-metal MXenes.

Congratulations to Kartik!!

Kartik 2023


December 2022
Capstone team fall 2022.jfif

Congratulations to our capstone team, Benjamin Feitl, Chris Workman, Ali Ahmad and Saad Alkhaldi, for successfully completing their capstone project on MXene-based Robotic Arm! Their passion for engineering & teamwork made this achievement possible.

Also, congratulations to all and their mentors: Karis Davidson and Dr. Anupma Thakur.

December 2022

Congratulations to Bethany Wright, Natalia Garcia Godinez, Austin Vorhees, and Jacob Patenaude, four of our undergraduate students, who showcased the outcome of their Fall 2022 research at the IUURC.

Also, congratulations to all and their mentors: Brian Wyatt, Kartik Nemani, Nithin Chandran B S, Dr. Anupma Thakur.


Many thanks to CRL IUPUI and IUPUI NEIL, National Science Foundation (NSF) DMR-SSMC, and the Office of Naval Research for supporting our research and students.

November 2022

Congratulations to Nithin Chandran B S and Dr. Anupma Thakurfor winning the Purdue/IUPUI People's Choice Award in the NanoArtography Competition-2022!

A multilayered Ti3C2Tx MXene is visualized as Dory the fish. Two-dimensional (2D) Ti3C2Tx MXene layers were formed by selective etching of Al layers from Ti3AlC2 MAX phase using hydrofluoric (HF) acid. 

Please visit NanoArtography for more nano-art gallery here 

MXene Dory-NanoArtography.jpg
November 2022
ATNC DRagon.jfif

Many congratulations to Dr. Anupma ThakurNithin Chandran B S, and our summer REU student Vaishnavi Kanduri for winning the first place in Science as Art competition at MRS Fall 2022. Go MXenes!

In 2010, a MAX Dragon was competing in Science as Art and now a MXene Dragon, made from a MAX, won first place!

November 2022
Annabelle post award MRS Fall 2022.jfif

Many congratulations to Annabelle Harding for her first presentation as a Ph.D. student and for winning the Best Poster Award at the MXenes Symposium at MRS Fall 2022, Boston. Her poster results from collaborative research with many of her lab mates.

November 2022

Congratulations to Prof. Babak Anasori to be among the Clarivate 2022 Highly Cited Researchers for four consecutive years in the Materials Science field.

As Clarivate describes this recognition, "Highly Cited Researchers have demonstrated significant and broad influence reflected in their publication of multiple highly cited papers over the last decade." 

Highly cited researcher 2022.jpg
October 2022

Anupma Thakur and Nithin Chandran earned 1st place at Ceramographic Competition for their image "Finding Dory MXene" from the American Ceramic Society at Material Science & Technology (MS&T) Conference in Pittsburgh. The Ceramographic Competition is a poster exhibit promoting the use of microscopy and microanalysis to increase our understanding of ceramic materials.

Congratulations to Anupma and Nithin!

MXene Dory.png
October 2022

At this year's Material Science & Technology (MS&T) Conference in Pittsburgh, Brian C. Wyatt  received the Sapphire Award from the Basic Science Division of the American Ceramic Society for Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS). This was awarded for his talk on the high-temperature phase behavior of 2D MXenes in the Advanced Characterization of Materials for Nuclear, Radiation, and Extreme Environments III Symposium. The GEMS Awards recognize the outstanding scientific and academic achievements of graduate students in materials science and engineering. Each year, the selection committee identifies ten students to receive the GEMS award, and based on the quality of their oral presentations at MS&T.

Congratulations to Brian!

Brian GEMS.jfif
October 2022

Anasori Lab group (Brian, Kartik, and Nithin) attended and presented at the MS&T2022  in Pittsburgh. 

Prof. Anasori delivered an invited talk on the Synthesis of Nanolamellar Ultra-high Temperature Carbides by High-temperature Phase Transformation of 2D MXenes.

August 2022

We are happy to grow our lab family and welcome two new members!


Felix Ugah Idu, from Nigeria, has joined as our newest Ph.D. Candidate with a background in researching and teaching ceramics.


Julio Fredin Ortiz, from Mexico, is expanding his experience in electrochemistry as a visiting Ph.D. scholar.

Stay tuned for some exciting new research from our lab!

Welcome Felix and Julio.png

Perspective review on Fundamentals of MXene Synthesis

August 2022

Our group contributed to a published perspective review in the journal Nature Synthesis where we cover the fundamentals of MXene synthesis, starting from the underlying bonding and synthesis of the MAX and other precursors, selective removal of atomic layers to exfoliate and yield MXenes, and delamination of multi-layer MXenes into single-to-few layer form.


Congratulations to Brian and our collaborators Kang Rui Garrick Lim from Zhi Wei Seh’s group and Mikhail Shekhirev from Yury Gogotsi’s group for this exciting achievement!

Direct link to the review can be found here 


Anasori Lab at 2nd International Conference on MXenes: Addressing Global Challenges with Innovation at Drexel University.

August 2022

Anasori Lab group (Brian, Kartik, Nithin, Yooran, Karis and Anupma) attended and presented at the 2022 MXene Conference at Drexel University in Philadelphia. We had a chance to interact with our excellent colleagues of the MXenes community worldwide!

Prof. Anasori was also part of the final panel at the conference discussing the Roadmap of MXenes. 

Congratulations to Brian and the team for winning the Best Poster Award for their research study on the high-temperature behavior of MXenes!

MXene grouped.png

NSF-Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Summer Project 2022

August 2022

Through the Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) program funded by the NSF, we were lucky enough to welcome Vaishnavi Kanduri to the lab. Vaishnavi was responsible for learning & applying several characterization techniques for studying the 2D nanomaterial titled MXenes. 


We also would like to congratulate Vaishnavi for being selected to attend the 2022 NSF EEC Grantees Conference.

REU-Vaishnavi post.jpg

Nanovision: Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Summer Project 2022

July 2022

Congratulations to our NanoVision group (David, Brian Cheong, Shubhankar, Grace, Eric, Brian and Anupma)  for achieving beyond our wildest expectations! In our other collaborative MURI project with Professor Christian Rogers of the Computer Graphics Technology Department, we were able to explore the area of app creation. Our undergraduates were able to develop a beta version of an augmented reality (AR) game to explain nanotechnology for future access on the Apple App Store!

nanoVision 2.png

Nano-Pottery: Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Summer Project 2022

Congratulations to the Nanopottery project group (Bethany, Hanni, Jacy, Sydney, Brian and Anupma) for breaking barriers!! In a collaborative MURI project with Professor Dawn Holder from the Ceramics/Studio Arts Department, we were able to combine the worlds of art and engineering. Through the integration of artistic clay and the clay of synthesized MXene, we were able to encourage our undergraduate students to think outside of the box.

July 2022
MURI Nanopottery.jpg

Graduate Fellowship from Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, IUPUI

Congratulations to Annabelle for receiving the prestigious Graduate Fellowship from the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, IUPUI, for the start of her Ph.D. studies! Annabelle has also received a summer internship in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science. She is currently at Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducting research under the advisement of Dr. Parans Paranthaman. I am very excited for Annabelle and looking forward to working together on her Ph.D. journey starting this Fall!

June 2022
1655904288516 (1).jpg

IUPUI Engineering Professor Wins $1.75M in Federal Grants for Research on Novel Nanomaterials


Dr. Babak Anasori in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI has won four new federal grants this fiscal year for his work on a family of layered nanomaterials called MXenes. MXenes, discovered only ten years ago, are (few atoms thick) two-dimensional nanomaterials that form sheets 100,000 times thinner than paper. Due to their superior mechanical, electronic, and electrochemical properties, MXenes have applications in electronics, biomedical devices, sensors, antennas, catalysts, gas separation, water purification, conductive coatings, and smart fabrics.

Click here to read more.

June 2022

Featured Cover Story and Student Perspective in American Ceramic Society Bulletin 

June 2022

Excited to announce that our article on "MXenes for atomistic design of 2D nanoceramics" has been published as the cover story for the June/July issue of the American Ceramic Society Bulletin. The cover story shows how research on 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides (MXenes) led to its usage in many sectors—with future applications continuously emerging. Congratulations to Brian and Anupma!

We also published a Student Perspective on hope in research in this issue of ACerS Bulletin discussing our perspective on collaborative research. Congratulations to Brian and Kartik!

Enjoy reading here 

Congratulations to Nithin and Anupma for designing the beautiful journal cover!

STEAM Outreach: Workshop on Nanotechnology and NanoArtography Gallery

June 2022

Our team is passionate about STEAM outreach as much as they are excited about their nanomaterials research. We had a successful day with girl scholars in grades 3-5 and 6-8. The scholars also got to see the NanoArtography Gallery and select their top choices! 


MXene Super Mario World Wins 1st Place in Science as Art at the MRS Spring 2022


MXene Super Mario World wins 1st Place in Science as Art at the MRS Spring 2022. Congratulations to our team, Dr. Anupma Thakur, Nithin Chandran B S, Kartik Nemani, for capturing this SEM image of a MXene particle and turning it into a beautiful art piece, MXene Yoshi! Go MXenes!!

May 2022

Congratulations to two of our undergraduate students, Krista Pulley and Wyatt Highland, for winning the Best Poster Awards at the MXenes Symposium in MRS Spring 2022. Thanks to National Science Foundation (NSF)-DMR-SSMC, and CRL IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and IUPUI Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute (MURI) for supporting undergraduate research in Anasori lab.

Winning the Best Poster Awards at the MXenes Symposium in MRS Spring 2022

May 2022

Winning the Best 24-7 Presentation Award at the MXenes Symposium


Congratulations to Anupma Thakur for winning the Best 24x7 presentation award at the MXenes Symposium in MRS Spring 2022. She presented research on the "Electrochemical Behaviors of Ti3C2Tx MXenes/Polypyrrole Polymer Composites as Electrode Materials for Electrocatalytic Water Splitting".

May 2022

Congratulations to the IUPUI Class of 2022!


Congratulations to Annabelle, Karis, Yooran, and Krista on graduating!

May 2022

Winning the GPEG Travel Grant 

April 2022

Congratulations to Kartik for winning ACerS-Ceramic and glass industry foundation (CGIF) travel grant for the ECerS ceramics in Europe conference- Krakow-Poland July 2022.

Congratulations to Brian Wyatt for receiving the IUPUI Graduate Students recognition for his Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. He is the only student at IUPUI and the IU system to receive this fellowship in 2021. Brian joined our group on day zero of Anasori Lab at IUPUI, and in the past ~2.5 years, he has done an impressive job. He was recently selected as the IUPUI Elite 50 (among the +29,000 students of IUPUI, which includes Indiana University Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Law, ...). Above all, Brian is deeply interested in the fundamental understanding of his projects, which is essential for a PhD study. Also, Brian already has a strong publication track record, another impressive accomplishment in ~2.5 years!


Winning the IUPUI Elite 50 & Graduate Students recognition

April 2022

Winning the IUPUI Women's History Month Award! 

Congratulations to Harpreet (Pree) Kaur for receiving the IUPUI Women's History Month Award! In addition to her major contribution to promoting equality on our IUPUI +29,000-student campus, Pree has been an undergraduate research assistant in my lab and I have the honor of advising her research activities.

March 2022
December 2021

WIN Rising Star Award


Prof. Anasori received the WIN Rising Star Award from the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN). This international award recognizes emerging leaders and outstanding early-career researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology worldwide and comes with a 5,000 CAD prize and an on-site visit to give a seminar.

Click here to watch the reception video. 


Highly Cited Researcher on Web of Science 

November 2021

Prof. Anasori is named among the Highly Cited Researchers by the Web of Science Group for the third year in a row. This list identifies the pioneers of each field over the last decade, by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science. In 2021, fewer than 6,700, or about 0.1%, of the world's researchers, in 21 research fields and across multiple fields, have earned this exclusive distinction.

Highly Cited Researcher Award.jpg


October 2021

Our group is part of a new international consortium that is awarded through ACT 3. The US partners are our group at IUPUI with Argonne National Lab and funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) and this grant is for three years. 


NSF–Future Manufacturing Grant  

August 2021

Our group received a four-year collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation, Future Manufacturing, for cyber nanomanufacturing of MXenes and nanomaterials. 

This project is led by Prof. Masoud Soroush (Drexel, CBE Dept.), and other Co-PIs are Prof. M. Grady (Drexel, CBE), and Profs. Z. Fakhraai and A. Rappe (University of Pennsylvania, Chemistry). 


40 under 40

Prof. Anasori is recognized among the Drexel 40 under 40. 


Click here to learn more. 

July 2021
July 2021
NSF-logos copy.jpg

NSF–Solid-State Materials Chemistry (SSMC) Grant  

Our group received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials, Solid-State Materials Chemistry program. 

June 2021

DoD-Office of Naval Research (ONR) Grant 


Our group received a three-year grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Indiana University Research Support Funds Grant (RSFG)

June 2021

Our group received the Indiana University RSFG fund for one year. 

Discovery of High-Entropy MXenes

June 2021

Our group reported the first high-entropy MXenes, which is published in ACS Nano

Congratulations to Kartik, Bowen, Brian, Weichen and our collaborators at Argonne National Lab,  University of Illinois Chicago, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 

Link to ACS Nano            

HE-MXenes copy.jpg
May 2021

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship

Brian Wyatt was awarded the prestigious National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship for his PhD study. 

Brian was selected as one of the top 2% of around 8,000 applications in the class of 2021. 

Congratulations to Brian for such an impressive achievement!

Read IUPUI's interview with Brian here: Link

Brian Wyatt_2021 copy.jpg
March 2021

Review & Perspective on MXenes Mechanical and Tribological Properties

Read our review paper on the effects of bonds and chemistry of the mechanical properties and tribological properties of MXenes published in Advanced Materials.

Congratulations to Brian, and our collaborator Prof. Andreas Rosenkranz

Link to Advanced Materials            Link to download the manuscript.

February 2021

Ti3C2Tx MXene Phase Transformation Paper in J. Phys.: Condens. Matter

MXenes UHTCs.jpg
Ti3C2 UHTCs_TOC.jpg

Our in-depth study of Ti3C2Tx stability and phase transformation is published in J. of Physics: Condensed Matter. This is the first study to show MXene transformation to vacancy-ordered non-stoichiometric lamellar carbide phases, presenting MXenes potential as ultra-high-temperature ceramics (UHTCs).



This paper is part of the

Emerging Leaders 2020 of JPCM.

Congratulations to Brian, Kartik, Krish, Pree, and Bowen!

Link to JPCM.            Link to download the manuscript.



Highly Cited Researcher on Web of Science 

December 2020
Highly Cited Researcher Award-2020_Anaso

Prof. Anasori is named among the Highly Cited Researchers by the Web of Science Group. This is the second year in a row to be recognized as a highly-cited researcher. This list identifies the pioneers of each field over the last decade, by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in the Web of Science.

Kartik Nemani wins in "NanoArtography" competition

November 2020

Kartik won the IUPUI People's Choice in the 2020 NanoArtography competition.  His artistic image "Firedrake" is a scanning electron microscope image of a MXene.

Congratulations to Kartik!  

IUPUI_Choice_Nanoartography-finaljpg cop
November 2020

Article about the early-career professionals 

Read the article published by the Early Career Professionals Subcommittee of MRS (Chair: Dr. Anasori) in the November issue of MRS Bulletin about supporting and understanding the needs of early careers.  LINK

MRS Bulletin Nov 2020.png

Double transition metal MXenes in MRS Bulletin

October 2020

Our review paper on the large family of double transition metal MXenes is published in MRS Bulletin. Congratulations to Weichen, Brian, and Kartik, the co-first authors of our paper. 

Link to download the manuscript: Click here

DTM MXenes 2020.jpg
August 2020

MXene hybrids review paper in ACS Nano

Our comprehensive review paper on MXene hybrids for catalysis in collaboration with Zhi Wei Seh and J. Tang groups is published in ACS Nano. Congratulations to Kartik and Brian! 

Link: ACS Nano MXene hybrids 2020

MXene hybrids.jpeg
August 2020

Kartik Nemani wins in "Science as Art" competition

Kartik won first place in the "Science as Art" competition in the MRS Spring 2020 virtual competition.  His artistic image "MXene Chameleon" is a scanning electron microscope image of Ti3C2 MXenes.

Congratulations to Kartik!  

MXene-chameleon copy.jpg
July 2020

Kartik Nemani publishes in Science Magazine

Kartik's NextGenVoice futuristic news article on "News from a postpandemic world" has been selected and published by Science Magazine. Kartik wrote about a possible in-orbital medical treatment of COVID-19 by sending 10,000 people to Space colonies in 2040! We hope we send people to Space colonies for a differnt reason though! 

Congratulations to Kartik! 

You can read Kartik's article here: LINK

Year 2040 copy.jpg

Brian Wyatt switches to PhD 

After his first year in the LMS lab, Brian has decided to convert to pursue his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering! In his words, a PhD will allow him to pursue exciting MXene research and allow him to become the STEM leader he has wanted to become since his early days in higher education.

Follow Brian's posts on Twitter @bwyattLMSL


Congratulations Brian, we all expect great things from you!

June 2020

Top five trending authors in Materials Science

Dr. Anasori is among the top five trending authors in the field of Materials Science (> 3 million authors), based on Microsft Academic data. He is also among the top five trending authors in a few subfields, such as Nanotechnology, MXenes, carbide, among others. The Microsft Academic identifies the top trending authors for a given topic based on citation growth over the past 5 years. [LINK]

May 2020
Trending Authors_Materials Science_Anaso
Trending authors_Nanotechnology_Anasori.
Trending plots: Microsoft Academic
April 2020

Article in MRS Bulletin about

the Impact of Professional Societies on Career Development

Read the article published by Dr. Anasori and his colleagues at MRS in the April issue of MRS Bulletin about the impact of service activities in professional societies on career progression. LINK

MRS_Service Babak Anasori.png

Brian and Kartik presented at the Indiana Statehouse

On March 2nd, Kartik Nemani, Brian Wyatt, and Saeed Yazdani represented the Nano Science and Engineering Association (NSEA) at the 2nd Annual Indiana Science Communications Day 2020 at the Indiana Statehouse. At this event, they spoke to state lawmakers about the impact nanoscience and nanotechnology will have on the state of Indiana and its impact on future legislation. Leadership in nano starts at IUPUI!

Brian Wyatt_Kartik Nemani_NSEA.jpg
March 2020

Nano Science and Engineering Association (NSEA)

On February 28th, the Nano Science and Engineering Association (NSEA) brought out over 50 IUPUI undergraduate and graduate students to talk about leading the charge to grow nanoscience and nanotechnology in Indianapolis! Here they led hands-on experience with nano for students, displayed the beauty of our world at the nanoscale, and planned how to raise awareness in the Indianapolis community. 

February 2020
Brian Wyatt_Kartik_NSEA.jpg
Brian Wyatt_NSEA.jpg
February 2020

Chloe Gilbert joined the Group

Chloe Gilbert has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group in her M.Sc. studies. Welcome, Chloe!

January 2020

Thomas Tom at Tesla

Thomas Tom, M.Sc. 2020, started an internship at Tesla.

We wish him success in his new position. 

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"Meet Your New Faculty Candidate–Poster Session" at MRS Fall 2019

A new opportunity for those who are looking for a faculty position was created by the MRS Early Career Professionals Subcommittee, chaired by Prof. Anasori, called "Meet Your New Faculty Candidate–Poster Session". The poster session was held at the MRS Fall Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4th at 4 pm. In this poster session, faculty candidates could present their visions on research and teaching as a poster to the hiring search committees. There were ~ 100 submitted abstracts and more than thirty search committees attended this session. Watch the MRS TV interview about this poster session. 

December 2019

SciVid 2019 Winners

Science in Video (SciVid) competition, created and chaired by Prof. Anasori, was held at the MRS Fall 2019 Meeting in Boston, MA. The Awards Ceremony was on Wednesday, Dec. 4th. SciVid 2019 top videos are posted on MRS YouTube Channel: [link].

December 2019
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Highly Cited Researcher on Web of Science

Prof. Anasori is among the Global Highly Cited Researchers 2019 list announced this week by the Web of Science Group. Here is the link to the 2019 list:

November 2019

Weichen Hong joined the Group

Weichen Hong has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group for his PhD studies. Welcome, Weichen!

October 2019
October 2019

Invited Talk and Sosman Award Symposium at MS&T 2019

Prof. Anasori gave an invited talk on multi-transition metal carbides MXenes at MS&T 2019 in Portland, OR. He organized the Sosman Award Symposium this year. The 2019 Sosman Award Recipient was Prof. Yury Gogotsi. 

September 2019

Dr. Bowen Zhang  joined the Group

Prof. Bowen Zhang has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group as a visiting scholar.

We welcome Bowen and his family to the group and Indianapolis!

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September 2019
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Thomas Tom joined the Group

Thomas Tom has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group for his Master's studies. Welcome, Thomas!

August 2019

The Rise of MXenes

Read our editorial in the August issue of ACS Nano about the recent development in the field of MXenes, titled "The Rise of MXenes". 

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Kartik Nemani joined the Group

Kartik Nemani has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group for his PhD studies. Welcome, Kartik!

July 2019

MXenes in Indiana!

MXenes synthesis has started in Layered Materials & Structures Lab! 

June 2019
MXene in Indy.jpg
June 2019

Brian Wyatt joined the Group

Brian Wyatt has joined our Layered Materials and

Structures Group for his Master's studies. Welcome, Brian!

The picture was taken at  the lab entrance (not wearing PPE)  

Publications and Illustrations in Scientific World Workshop

An editorial workshop with the theme of paper publications and illustrations was held on the first day of the 2nd MXenes Conference on May 10, 2019, in Beijing, China. Editors of international journals such as ACS Nano, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Wiley, Nano-Micro Letters shared their perspectives on paper writing and illustration preparation. Prof. Anasori was among the invited speakers, and his talk was titled "Science communication in a second: the art of making effective illustrations." In his talk, he used  "yes & no" interactive questions for all the 400-attendees.

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Keynote talk at the 2nd International Conference on MXenes 

Prof. Anasori gave a keynote talk on property-driven biomedical applications of MXenes at the 2nd International Conference on MXenes in Beijing, China on May 10-12, 2019. More than 450 researchers from around the world attended the 2019 MXenes Conference. The conference chairs were Prof. Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University) and Prof. Bin Xu (BUCT). Prof. Anasori was the chair of the International Advisory Board.


Talks on "How to write a paper" and "Ordered MXenes" at Ningbo

Ningbo Institute for Material Engineering and Technology (Babak Anasori gave two invited talks at CNITECH) in China on March 29 and April 1, 2019. The first talk was on "how to write a high-impact paper" for the students and postdocs. The second talk, which was part of the 3rd Innovative Materials Preparation and Application Research Forum, was on "ordered double transition metal MXenes. The theme of this year research forum was “layered materials” with a focus on MXenes and their precursors.

Babak Anasori-Ningbo.jpg

2018 Highly Cited Researcher

For the second consecutive year, Babak Anasori has been recognized as one of the highly cited authors at Drexel University. This recognition is based on the data on Web of Science, given to authors whose journal papers were both published in 2018 and were already highly cited in the same calendar year. The Celebrating Drexel Authors event was held at the  A.J. Drexel Picture Gallery on February 22, 2019. 

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Babak _Anasori-Authors.png

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